Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How far would you walk for Native Trout?

I was asking my self that question 2 miles into what ended up being a spectacular day of trout fishing. The day started the same way that these trips always start for Nate (my partner in fishing crime) and I, breakfast at the Sunspot in Terrebonne. Then we made the 45 minute drive up to the locked gate that keeps the riff-raff out of the Metolius River Wilderness Area. This would be the starting point for our epic day.

We rigged our rods and loaded up all the gear we would need for the day and headed off. After a couple of miles of walking we couldn't take it anymore and made a break for the river. The first hole was uneventful, which is not what you want after a 2 mile walk. But we headed up river with excitement because the next hole up is a Bull Trout hole. Bullies was the main reason I was up there in the first place, I really wanted to catch one on a Fiberglass rod. When we got there we fished it hard but only got a few small Rainbows and some Whitefish. NO Bull Trout! Back to walking.

Walking gives you time to think and time to catch up with and old friend. Before you know it you are another 4 miles up and on the next good hole. A hole we call, simply, The Buckets. I stepped in, made my first cast, and.......Fish On! A fine chunky rainbow. We caught a few more nice 'Bows in The Buckets and then started walking. Another 2 miles and we are on the most beautiful hole on the river and the last shot at a Bully for the day. I swung flies thru that hole several times and touched nothing. Then Nate and I fished thru with our trout rods. That is when things got exciting. We lost track of how many Rainbows we hooked in that hole but it is safe to say I had the best trout fishing of my life on the Metolius river that day.

It was a straight 2 hour walk out that day and we put 16+ miles on our wading boots. So to answer to the question, "How many miles would I walk for Native Trout", the answer would be, "I would walk to the edge of the world for a shot at glory".

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