Thursday, November 5, 2009


Time changes things.......Age changes things. It seems as you get older it becomes harder to wrap your tired hands around time. I would love more time. More time for family, more time for fun, more time for fishing. I know that at times life throws you curve balls and sometimes you have to "bear down" and work hard to get through it but.....I am haunted. HAUNTED
I have made a big move back to the place of my birth, the isolation of the central Oregon coast. This is the land where I spent my youth. Crashing through thick rainforest's and bushwhacking my way up small crystal-clear creeks so buried in the depths of mother natures lush bosom that at times could hardly muster the courage to drag myself home. HAUNTED
Driving by these rivers and creeks I am flooded with memories of water and fish. But alas TIME has caught me again. Time (among other things) has taken the fish. The rivers and creeks no longer holding the numbers of trout and sea-run fish that they once did. The fishing seasons have been shortened and the deadlines moved farther down stream. Do people not understand that fishing is my life? I need it. Of course the answer is they do not. HAUNTED
There is hope though. Hope that the crome bright, steelheaded beasts of winter will make a strong appearance in a few months. I will not hope for the time to pursue them. I will make the time. With the extension of my soul I will swing faith through frigid and twisted currents and with hope I will find freedom.