Monday, February 23, 2009

Horrocks-Ibbotson Collection

Above is a collection of vintage Horrock-Ibbotson(H-I) fiberglass flyrods that I have been acquiring. By using a variety of resources I have been able to start this collection in a fairly short period of time and at very little cost. I could have spent more time and money to obtain an ultra mint collection but I prefer to find rods in good condition so I can FISH them as is or restore them to a fishable condition. Here is a list of what I have starting at the bottom and working to the top:

-Mohawk Rainbow #1408 2pc. 8" - I plan to do a complete restoration of this rod. I will take it down to just the blank and refit it with all new components.
-Mohawk Gunnison #1422 3pc. 8'6" - I did a partial rebuild on this one, leaving the original cork handle and reel seat.
-Mohawk Rainbow #1407 1/2 2pc. 7'6" - This is one of my favorites and is in good enough condition that I would rather leave it with the character that it has.
-Mohawk Rainbow #1408 1/2 2pc. 8'6" - I have started restoring this rod. I will leave the handle and seat. When I sanded the paint off the blank I found the fiberglass was green. This is very cool and I am really excited about this build.
-Mohawk Red Wizard #1262 2pc. 8' - The Red Wizard is in my Top 3. It is a good shape and fishes really well. It will stay as it is.
-Ike Walton #1347 1/2 2pc. 7'6" - I love this rod. It is, by far, my favorite. It is mint and casts a #5 line with ease. A true pleasure to fish with.
-Thunderbird #1458 1/2 2pc. 8'6" - This rod is in OK shape but it casts like a cannon. It is definitely a big stick kind of rod. I love the power of it for a Bull Trout/Steelhead rod but it needs a makeover.

I also a have a selection of H-I original reel seats that I plan to use in rebuilds that include replacing the seat.

I cannot express enough how much joy I get out of actually fishing my collection and if I ever do spend more on a "minty" rod it will still get fished. That is what they were made to do and if a rod has a soul I am sure that is what it would want to do. I believe that the history of these rods is not finalized and I truly enjoy adding to their legacy.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome. Good stuff happening here.

flynbird said...

I am glad you like it. I am really excited to post some adventures from what I hope will be an amazing year. Thanx, Thom

n2chi said...

Beginning some time in 1929 or 1930, my mother left high school and went to work in H-I's factory on Whitesboro Street in Utica, NY. There she learned to wind line guides on the rods and wink at the young men who would drop by her work station. One serious young man assembled from scrap a miniature 3 foot long bamboo rod as a gift, which today has a place of honor on the wall over my fly tying bench. Mom quit Horrocks - Ibbotson when she married, but held the company in high esteem and always remembered the experience fondly.

Ben said...

Does anyone know anything about fiberglass H-I cascade. I just ended up with one. 7'6" #1350 Any info would be nice. All my searching has only found bamboo Cascades.


Dave said...

I have acquired a Horrocks-Ibbotson fly rod, it is a Gunnison 1422 3 piece. It has its original storage sleeve, original plastic is on the cork and has original Hoorocks-Ibootson tag with hand written price on. I am interested in finding out as much information on this rod as possible. I can post or send pictures if needed. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


rocks rods said...

I have aquired a # 1262 red wizard flyrod and was wondering what its value is. my name is Rocky Thanks

Unknown said...

I have just bought a fishing rod to teach my three girls it is Hi in a red circle Ike Walton thermoweld fiberglass 6/6 23j divison gladding corp. Looks like it has cork on the handle just panicked that they might break it now. Making sure it's not valued yo high.

Tricia Rodgers said...

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Tricia Rodgers said...

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