Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring is here in Central Oregon!

Earlier this week I made it into a local river that flows at the bottom of a deep, high desert canyon. This is a little known spot so that is all I will say about the location. But I will tell you that the Blue-Winged Olives were out in full force and I will also tell you that the trout fishing was spectacular for Redsides in the 7-12" range. This particular stretch of river also has freakishly early Stonefly hatches and while I saw no signs of adults or emergers there was nymphs making their migration into shallower water and the trout eagerly gobbled up imitations of them. The walk into this section of rivers is like the walk I do into most of my favorite spots, grueling. The walk in is easy but the walk out is a 600 feet scramble, virtually straight up. The day was worth it though with over 2 dozen trout on nymphs and well over a dozen on dries. I even landed 2 trout on at the same time which is always something that makes me giggle.

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