Sunday, March 15, 2009

Smith Rocks

We had a nice break in the weather this week so I had to take advantage of it and went fishing. After some talking, my good friend Scott and I decided on Smith Rock. While it is not known for great trout fishing, it is still a beautiful place to fish. We caught several large whitefish and the weather was spectacular.

This is one of those places you go when you want to fish in awe of nature. The rock formations on this stretch of river are amazing and I would challenge anyone to try and look at just the water all day. You would fail. There is a feeling in the air when you are in the presence of natures finest work. It makes you feel small yet still part of something grand. It was a fine day with a great friend and great views.


Cameron Mortenson said...

FNB...that looks like a beautiful stretch of water...whitefish or not!

flynbird said...

It is amazing! I go there often.