Friday, March 20, 2009

A Great Start

Scott Robertson started his year off good with this nice 8lb Rainbow that he caught out of a local reservoir. The weather around Central Oregon has been all over the map. Snow one day, the next day sunny. So Scott took advantage of one of the nicer days and headed out to a reservoir that usually fishes well early in the season. He found some trout eating midges in a cove and let the wind carry his boat into the shallows. Scott throw out a #14 Chironimid under a strike indicator into 4 feet of water and within a few seconds he was fast into his best Rainbow of the year. So far. It is only March and the lake fishing is just thinking of waking up. One thing is for certain though, Scott is a pro-caliber lake fisherman and we are sure to see more pics of trophy trout as the lakes ice-out and the season goes on.

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