Saturday, December 13, 2008

Summer-Time Memories

Well I figured with the first major snow storm of the year coming on I would make my first post a flash back to this summer.

This was a trip I took to a private pond in Sisters, OR. The trout are stock but are not sterile and still try to reproduce in a little creek that feeds the pond. I believe the fish are a Donaldson Steelhead strain, but I could be wrong. When hooked, which was rather easy, these fish would explode and I found out quickly that I was under-guned and need more rod just to turn thier heads out of the weeds.

I tied on a black seal bugger of my own creation and throw out my first cast. Just a short cast, maybe 40', let the bugger sink maybe 6" at that moment I saw a very large head come slowly up out of the weeds. It reminded me of how Smallmouth "stalk" thier prey. The fish grabbed my fly and all hell broke loose. SNAP! I need stronger tippet. I tied on more tippet and repeated that scenerio until I was using 12# Rio tippet. When I was finally dialed in I managed to land a couple of fish. It took everything this rod, and my arms, could give just to get this fish in to the point where my trusty netter could get the mesh under it.

I think the fish in this pond averaged 5-8# and 24". They had amazing strength and where not selective at all. This pond hardly ever gets fished and I can't wait to get back on it this spring. It was truely an amazing day spent with family and large trout. It will forever be burned into my mind.

Fish, I will be seeing you again with an 8 weight and 10# Maxima. Until then swim free and watch what you eat.

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Bella Boo said...

This was a fun day of fishing! And if I do say so myself...I take good pictures! Good luck on your new adventure of blogging. I love you sweetie!