Monday, June 22, 2009

8th Annual Metolius Fly Fishing & Bamboo Rod Fair

On July 18th and 19th Camp Sherman will see one of the largest pilgrimages of Bamboo Rod fanatics this side of the Rocky Mountains. If talking/casting/collecting or just looking at Bamboo rods sparks your fire than this is the place to come. This is a great opportunity to visit with bamboo rodmakers, tackle dealers, graphite and fiberglass manufacturers, cast rods, buy tackle or order rods. There will also be casting demos, slide shows, and much more. Parking is free and there will be food and drinks to buy. I feel this is an event for the whole family and is a chance to show them some of the true beauty of our sport.
Examples of manufacturers that will be attending are Bellinger, Sweetgrass, Catherine Creek Rods and Left Coast Tackle. Rodmakers will include A.J. Thramer, Stephen Kiley, Chris McDowell and many others. Add to all of this tackle appraisals by Dan Brock, Morgan hand-mill demonstrations by Roger Fairchild and plenty of local fly tiers and you have a recipe for a dynamic weekend.
This years fair is extra exciting for me because I will be demoing a super sweet, custom fiberglass rod for Dan Dixon of Left Coast Tackle. These new "Glass" rods from LCT are sure to be amazing tools on the river. So look for future posts to hear more about these rods.

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